Dr. Hossein  Allahyari

Associate Professor in  Entomology

Department of Plant Protection
Faculty of
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Email: allahyar@ut.ac.ir
URL: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/allahyari.aspx

Academic Appointments
Areas of Specialization and Research Interests
Current Teaching
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 Academic Appointments TOC
AppointmentsDurationAcademic Center
Deputy Head of Department2008-2010Department of Plant Protection

Education TOC
Ph.D: Agricultural Entomology (2005), University of Tehran
M.Sc: Agricultural Entomology (1999), University of Tehran
B.Sc: Plant Protection (1996), University of Tehran

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests TOC
Integrated Pest Management
Population Dynamics
Prey-Predator Interaction

Current Teaching TOC
Course TitleDegreeLevelsCourse IDCreditsSyllabusNotes
Population Dynamics Ph.D 2
Integrated Pest Management MSc 2

Thesis Supervised TOC

Selected Publication TOC
A. Journals Papers
Jamshidnia A.‎,‎ Kharazi‎-‎Pakdel A.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎,‎ Soleymannejadian E. (2010) ‎"Functional response of Telenomus busseolae (Hym.: Scelionidae) an egg parasitoid of the sugarcane stem borer‎,‎ Sesamia nonagrioides (Lep.: Noctuidae) at different temperatures "‎,‎ Biocontrol Science and Technology‎,‎ 20(‎6): ‎631‎-‎640‎   more...

Rasekh A.‎,‎ Michaud J. P.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎,‎ Sabahi Q. (2010) ‎"The Foraging Behavior of Lysiphlebus fabarum (Marshall)‎,‎ a Thelytokous Parasitoid of the Black Bean Aphid in Iran"‎,‎ Journal of Insect Behavior‎, ‎23(‎3): ‎165–179‎   more...

Rashki, M., Kharazi-pakdel, A., Allahyari, H., van Alphen, J.J.M. (2009) "Interactions among the entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana (Ascomycota Hypocreales), the parasitoid, Aphidius matricariae (Hymenoptera Braconidae), and its host, Myzus persicae (Homoptera Aphididae)", Biological Control, 50 (3): 324-328   more...

Saei Dehghan M.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎,‎ Saboori A.‎,‎ Nowzari J.‎,‎ Hosseini N.V.‎,‎ (2009) "Fitness of Tetranychus urticae Koch Acari Tetranychidae on differentsoybean cultivars biology and fertility life‎-‎tables"‎,‎ International Journal of Acarology‎,‎35(‎4): ‎341-347‎   more...

Mirmohammadi S.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎,‎ Nematollahi M. R.‎,‎ Saboori A.‎,‎ (2009) "Effect of host plant on biology and life table parameters of Brevicoryne brassicae (Hemiptera: Aphididae)"‎,‎ Annals of the Entomological Society of America‎, ‎102 ‎(‎3‎): ‎450‎-‎455‎   more...

Noei S., Talebi, Kh., Saboori, A., Allahyari, H., Asouri, A. (2008) "Study on the side‎-‎effects of three pesticides on the predatory mite‎,‎ Phytoseius plumifer (Canestrini & Fanzago) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) under laboratory conditions‎", ‎IOBC‎/‎wprs Bulletin‎,‎ 35‎ (‎1): ‎146‎-‎151   more...

Moezipour M.‎,‎ Kafil M.,‎ Allahyari H.‎, (2008) "Functional response of Trichogramma brassicae at different temperatures and relative humidities‎", ‎Bulletin of Insectology‎, ‎61‎ (‎2): ‎245‎-‎25   more...

Kafil M.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎, Saboori A.‎, (2007) "Effect of host plants on developmental time and life table parameters of Amphitetranychus viennensis (Acari: Tetranychidae)"‎, ‎Experimental and Applied Acarology‎,‎ 42‎‎ (4):‎ 273‎-‎281‎   more...

Hosseini M.‎,‎ Hatami B.‎,‎ Saboori A.‎,‎ Allahyari H.‎,‎ Ashouri A.‎,‎ (2005) "Predation by Allothrombium pulvinum on the spider mites Tetranychus urticae and Amphitetranychus viennensis: predation rate‎,‎ prey preference and functional response"‎, ‎Experimental and Applied Acarology‎,‎ 37‎, ‎173‎-‎181‎   more...

Allahyari H.,‎ Azmayeshfard P.‎,‎ Nozari J.‎, (2004) ‎"Effects of host on functional response of offspring in two populations of Trissolcus grandis on the sunn pest"‎, ‎Journal of Applied Entomology‎, ‎128‎: ‎39‎-‎ 43   more...

B. Conference Papers

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