Dr. Hossein  Moravej

Associate Professor in  Poultry Nutrition

Department of Animal Sciences
Faculty of Agricultural Science and Engineering
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Email: hmoraveg@ut.ac.ir
URL: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/moravej.aspx

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A. Journals Papers
Rohollah Kianfar, Hosein Morovaj, Mahmoud Shivazad, , Effect of enzyme addition, germination, and fermentation on the nutritive value of barley for growing Japanese quails, JOURNAL OF ANIMAL AND FEED SCIENCES, 2013/06/15, 22, 22   more...

Hosein Morovaj, Comparative Apparent Metabolizable Energy Values of Soaking, Fermentation with Lactobacillus and Enzyme Treatment of Barley in Cockerels and Quails, JOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESSING AND PRESERVATION, 2013/12/01, 6, 37   more...

Mahmoud Shivazad, Hosein Morovaj, , Relative effectiveness of herbal methionine compared to dl-methionine on growth, performance and carcass responses basis in broiler chickens, Iranian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 2013/06/12, 7, 2   more...

Hosein Morovaj, Mahmoud Shivazad, , Effect of dietary marin algae (spirulina platensis) on egg quality and production performance of laying hens, Journal of agricultural science and technology, 2013/10/25, 15, 15   more...

Armin Towhidi, Hasan Kheirkhah, Hosein Morovaj, Mola Mohammadi Arekhlou, The effects od different levels of Zilpaterol hydrochloride on growth performance, carcass quality and selected blood parameters in broiler chicken, Iranian Journal of animal Science(Iranian Journal Of Agriculture Science), 2012/06/20, 43, 1   more...

Ruhollah Kianfar , Hosein Morovaj, Mahmoud Shivazad, Mehdi Taghinejad Roudbaneh , Majid Alahyari Shahrasb , the effects of dry heat processing autoclaving and enzyme supplementation on the nutritive value of wheat for growing japanes quails, JOURNAL OF APPLIED ANIMAL RESEARCH, 2012/07/22, 1, 1   more...

Hosein Morovaj, SM Alahyari , M Shivazad , effects of the reduction or withdrawal of the vitamin premix from the diet on chcken performance and meat quality, Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, 2012/12/01, 14, 4   more...

Mojtaba Zaghari, mohammadreza taheri , Hosein Morovaj, raziye momtazan , A note on the effects of a combination of an enzyme complex and probiotic in the diet on performance of broiler chickens, IRISH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD RESEARCH, 2011/01/01, 50, 50   more...

Iman haj Khodadadi , Hosein Morovaj, Mahmoud Shivazad, Hasan Mehrabani Yganeh, Comparison of four induced molting methods based on subsequent performance and welfare of Single Comb White Leghorn hens, PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 2008/01/01, 11, 1   more...

Armin Towhidi, R Masoumi , MM Moeini , Hosein Morovaj, the Rrelationship Between plasma Leptin and FSH Concentrations with Ovaulation Rate in Iranian Native Sheep, PAKISTAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 2007/01/15, 10, 2   more...

Hosein Morovaj, Homayoun Khazali , Mahmoud Shivazad, Hasan Mehrabani Yganeh, Plasma concentration of Thyroid Hormone and Growth hormone in lohmann male broilers fed on different dietary and protein levels, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 2006/01/01, 5, 5   more...

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