Dr. Naser  Motiee


Department of management and Agricultural Development
Faculty of Economics and Agricultural Development
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Phone: 0261-2800957
Email: shmotiee@ut.ac.ir
URL: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/motiee.aspx

Academic Appointments
Areas of Specialization and Research Interests
Current Teaching
Thesis Supervised
Selected Publication
 Academic Appointments TOC

Education TOC
Ph.D: Agricultural development, University of Tehran
M.Sc: Agricultural Economics, University of Tarbiat modares
B.Sc: Agricultural Economics, University of Tehran

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests TOC
Agricultural Development
Sustainable Development
Agricultural Development Policies

Current Teaching TOC
Course TitleDegreeLevelsCourse IDCreditsSyllabusNotes
Economics Agricultural DevelopmentBScUndergraduate 3
MacroeconomicsBScUndergraduat 3
Agricultural Economics and Sustainable DevelopmentBScUndergraduate 3
Natural Resources EconomicsBScUndergraduate 3
Agricultural MarketingBScUndergraduate 3
Agricultural EconomicsBScUndergraduate 3

Thesis Supervised TOC

Selected Publication TOC
A. Journals Papers
N. Motiee, H. Iravani, S Bakhtiari,(2010),Analysis of Impacts of government’s constructional budget on Development of Agronomy Subsector in Zanjan Province,Iranian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development Research, Vol. 41-2, No.3, pp.393-405   more...

N. Motiee,M. Gh. Moosaneghad, (1999)Exchange policy & its Impact on Agricultural Sector,Iranian Journal of Modarres, Vol.3, No. 1,   more...

N. Motiee and M. Sadrolashrafi, (1998), Investigating the Effeect of Agriculture Price Policy on Cultivated Area of Bacsic Products in Iran, Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 29, No. 2 pp.435-444    more...

B. Conference Papers

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