Aliakbar  Nazari

Ph.D in  Geomorphology & soil erosion

Department of Arid & Mountainous Region Reclamation
Faculty of Natural Resources
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Phone: +98-261-2223044-220
Fax: +98-261-22249313

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 Academic Appointments TOC

Education TOC
Ph.D: Watershed Management, Sciences and Engineering
M.Sc: Watershed Management
B.Sc: Range and Watershed Management

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests TOC
Geomorphology, Arid and semi-arid landform evolution, Soil erosion, Gully erosion

Current Teaching TOC
Course TitleDegreeLevelsCourse IDCreditsSyllabusNotes
Applied Geomorphology 1 (Water erosion)B.Sc. 72011203طرح درس1.doctotal_print_new.pdf
Applied Geomorphology 2 (Wind erosion)B.Sc 72013173Geomorphology2.pdf
Karst GeomorphologyM.Sc. 72013712
Applied Geology and geomorphologyB.Sc.  3applied geology.pdf
Wind erosion and conservation methodsM.Sc. 7201295012طرح درس.docwind_erosion_print3.pdf
Arid land GeomorphologyM.Sc. 7201389012Arid_geo_print3.pdf
Quaternary Formation M.Sc. -----2syllabus .PDFtotal_print.pdf

Thesis Supervised TOC
Impact assessment of watershed management projects on soil erosion and sediment yield (Case study: Kan basin)   more...

Selected Publication TOC
A. Journals Papers
7- Factors controlling gully advancement and models evaluation for prediction of gully head advancement (Case study: Hableh Rood Basin, Iran), Water Resources Management, 2010, 24:1531–1549   more...

The relationship between morphoclimatic characteristics and peak flows:, Progress in Physical geography, 34 (2), 173-182   more...

6- Geomorphic threshold conditions for gully erosion in southwestern Iran (Boushehr- Samal watershed). Journal of Asian Earth Science,2009.35:180-189.   more...

8- THE QANAT: A LIVING HISTORY IN IRAN, In: Water and sustainable development in arid and semi-arid region, (Eds. G. Schneier mandanes and M. F. Courel), Chapter 8, 125-138, Springer   more...

5- Effect of incipient gullying mechanisms on topographic threshold conditions for gully initiation in southwestern Iran (Boushehr- Samal watershed), Desert, 2008 13, 31-43.    more...

B. Conference Papers

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