Dr. Mohammad Ali  Nematollahi

PhD in  Aquaculture and Genetics

Department of Fisheries
Faculty of Natural Resources
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Phone: +98 - 26- 32223044-7
Fax: +98 - 26- 32245909
Email: malahi@ut.ac.ir
URL: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/nematollahi.aspx

Academic Appointments
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Education TOC
Ph.D: 2008, Aquaculture and Genetics, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
M.Sc: 1993, Fisheries Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
B.Sc: 1989, Biology (Zoology), Ferdusi University, Mashad, Iran

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests TOC
Aquaculture, Genetics, Stress, live Feed, Fish Behavior Modeling

Current Teaching TOC
Course TitleDegreeLevelsCourse IDCreditsSyllabusNotes
Larvi CulturePhDAdvanced72-03-206-012
Behavior and Physiology of FishMSc 72-03-303-013
Live Feed for AquaticsMSc 72-03-307-012
Biotechnology of Aquatics ProductsMSc 72-03-342-023
Aquaculture (Cold Water)BSc 72-03-161-013
Animal PhysiologyBSc 72-03-066-012

Thesis Supervised TOC
PhD; Optimization of the yield and quality of agar from Gracilariopsis persica   more...

PhD; Population genetic structure of scalloped spiny lobster ( Panulirus homarus) using Microsatellite and mt DNA control region   more...

Selected Publication TOC
A. Journals Papers
Mohammad Navid Forsatkar - Mohammad Ali Nematallahi - Bagher Majazi Amiri - Wen-Bin Huang. Fluoxetine inhibits aggressive behaviour during parental care in male fighting fish (Betta splendens, Regan). Ecotoxicology 23:1794–1802   more...

Mehrnoosh Heydari , Mohammad Ali Nematollahi , Ali Motamedzadegan , Seyed Hashem Hosseini-Parvar , Seyed Vali Hosseini. Optimization of the Yield and Quality of Agar from Gracilariopsis persica. Bull. Env. Pharmacol. Life Sci., Vol 3 (3): 33-40   more...

Mohammad A. Nematollahi, Hilde van Pelt-Heerschap, Hans Komen. High corticosterone and sex reversal in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) with adrenal hyperplasia caused by P450c17a2 deficiency.Aquaculture 418–419.165–170    more...

Mohammad Navid Forsatkar, Mohammad Ali Nematollahi, Bagher Mojazi Amiri. Prozac Alters Reproductive Performance and Filial Cannibalism in Male Fighting Fish, Betta Splendens. Iranian Journal of Toxicology Volume 8, No 26,   more...

Alireza Neissi, Gholamreza Rafiee, Mohammadali Nematollahi, Omid Safari. The effect of Pediococcus acidilactici bacteria used as probiotic supplement on the growth and non-specific immune responses of green terror, Aequidens rivulatus. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 35:1976-1980    more...

Majid Naserizadeh, Omid Safari, Mohammad Ali Nematollahi. First Report on the Abnormality Among Body Component Ratios in the Caught Caspian Sea Mahisefid (Rutilus frissi kutum, Kamensky, 1901). Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 13: 383-387.   more...

B. Conference Papers
Cosegregation of sex reversal and adrenal hyperplasia in backcross and gynogenetic population of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)   more...

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