Saeed  Zeinoaldini

Assistant Professor in  Animal Physiology

Department of Animal Sciences
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,
University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

Phone: +982612248082
Fax: +982612246752

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Ph.D: Animal Physiology, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
M.Sc: Animal Physiology, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran
B.Sc: Animal Science, University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

Areas of Specialization and Research Interests TOC
Farm Animals Reproduction including IVM, INF, Hormones, Neurotransmitters; Farm Animal Behavoirs: Improvment of Fram Animals productions including meat, milk, egg

Current Teaching TOC
Course TitleDegreeLevelsCourse IDCreditsSyllabusNotes
Farm Animal BehavioursBScBSc 2

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Selected Publication TOC
A. Journals Papers
essa dirandeh, Armin Towhidi, Sarid Zeinodini, Mahdi Ganjkhanlou , zarbakht Ansari Pirsaraei, Ali Fouladi-Nashta, Effects of different polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementations during the postpartum periods of early lactating dairy cows on milk yield, metabolic responses, and reproductive performances, JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 2013/04/01, 91, 3   more...

Elahe Moghimirad , Seyed Hamid Rezatofighi , Sarid Zeinodini, Retinal VesselSegmentation Using Multi - Scale Medialness Function, COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 2012/01/01, 42   more...

Armin Towhidi, Amir Hossein Nasiri, Sarid Zeinodini, Combined effect of DHA and a-tocopherol supplementation during bull semen cryopreservation on sperm characteristics and fatty acid composition, ANDROLOGIA, 2012/07/01, 44, 7   more...

Armin Towhidi, Ali Hatefi, Abolfazl Zali, Sarid Zeinodini, Mahdi Ganjkhanlou , Yaser Khalifelou, Effect of Beta Agonist Zilpaterol Hydrochloride on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Traits and Bome Blood Parameters in Castrated Mahabadi Male Kid Goats, Journal Of Animal Production(journal of agriculture), 2011/03/21, 2, 3   more...

Vahid Vahedi , Sarid Zeinodini, Hamid Kahram , Abbas Farahavar , Retinoic acid effcts on nuclear maturation of bovine oocytes in vitro, AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2009/08/18, 8, 16   more...

Armin toohidi , Armin Towhidi, Rasoul Ardebili , Sarid Zeinodini, Easa Dirande , M Bahreyni , The comparison of sperm freezability using two egg yolk - free diluents in Zandi ram, REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT, 2009/08/26, 21, 1   more...

Sarid Zeinodini, JJ Swarts , BJ Van de Heijning , signaling role for leptin in puberty onset in female rats, Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2008/01/01, 19, 10   more...

Sarid Zeinodini, Swarts JJ , Van de Heijning BJ , Chronic leptin infusion advances, and immunoneutralization of leptin postpones puberty onset in normally fed and feed restricted female rats., PEPTIDES, 2006/07/01, 27, 7   more...

1 ) خزعلي همايون و زين الديني سعيد، اندازه گيري غلظت هورمون رشد پلاسما در شترهاي يک کوهانه ماده نابالغ و بالغ ايران ، پژوهش و سازندگي ، شماره 38، بهار 1377   more...

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